Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt


Read about Karl Mundt's beginnings. Find out where his parents came from and how they came to South Dakota. Discover how young Karl spent his childhood days. Learn about Mundt's early enterprises from childhood to young adulthood. View pictures from the family's photo album.

The School Years

Follow Karl Mundt through high school and college. Learn about his growing interest in public speaking and politics. Meet Mundt's boyhood friends, and join them on various adventures. Read about Mundt's very first "campaign" and his other high school activities. Meet Mary Moses, Mundt's future wife. View pictures from the Mundt collection.

The First Campaign

Read about Karl Mundt's venture as an educator and superintendent at a small South Dakota high school. Follow the Mundts to Eastern Normal College where the couple taught classes and Mundt joined many organizations. Discover how Mundt gradually gained popularity as a public speaker and politician. Encounter the details of his first state campaign. View pictures from the Mundt collection.

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