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The Mundt Archives

The Mundt Archives includes over 1.9 million documents which have been catalogued and microfilmed. There are over 15,000 items, including 500 films, 100 tapes, 200 slides, 100 scrapbooks and 2500 photographs from Senator Mundt's personal and political life. Scholars and researchers find the information in these archives an important focus for the analytical benefit of studying the Mundt era of history.

Description of Content and Scope of the Collection

The manuscript section of the Mundt Archives contains correspondence with colleagues, heads of state (U.S. and foreign), constituents, cabinet members, diplomats, White House staff, presidents, and leaders from all walks of life. It contains letters, diaries, resolutions, hearings, reports, bills, speeches, agendas, memoranda, minutes of meetings, maps, published materials, newspaper clippings, programs, invitations, research papers prepared for Karl E. Mundt by Library of Congress Legislative Reference Service, drafts of legislation, voting records (relating to the 76th through the 92nd Congress), and campaign material dating from 1938-1972.

The papers relate to the United Nations, United Nations General Assemblies, and United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The Soviet Union and its Satellites, House Un-American Activities Committee, 1939-1966, Mundt-Nixon bill, Dies Committee, Army-McCarthy Hearings, Subcommittee of House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs (European Overseas Study trip to Europe, 1945), Smith-Mundt Congressional Committee Tour of Europe, 1947, All American Conference to Combat Communism, Labor Rackets Committee, Voice of America, McCarthy Censure, Electoral College Reform, Political Realignment, Elections and Election Campaigns 1938-1972, Presidential elections: 1952, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968; the National Republican Campaign Speakers Bureau-Eisenhower campaign 1952, National Forensic League, Conservation, Valacchi Hearings, and the Vietnam War. Also America First Committee, Civil Rights, Foreign Service, Post War Planning Commission, Yalta Papers, the Agency for International Development, and the United States Information Agency.

The Foundation staff offers tours to service clubs, visitors, community organizations and students in order to share with the public this well organized and easily accessible information. The Archives have been praised by researchers from universities such as Yale, Brown, Harvard, and Berkeley as among the best.

It was Senator Mundt's ongoing objective to awaken an interest and concern for good citizenship and love of country in young Americans. This is part of the impetus that keeps the Foundation progressing and the Archives active.

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