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Voice of America

Senator Karl E. Mundt introduced a Bill (H.R. 3342, Voice of America Bill) to enable the United States Government to more effectively continue its foreign relations by means of promotion through the interchange of persons, knowledge, and skills between the people of the United States and other countries, and by means of public dissemination abroad of information about the United States, its people, and its policies. The bill became Public Law on January 27, 1948, and is known as the Smith-Mundt Act.

Voice of America
"The Mundt bill, HR 3342, gives the State Department authority and functions whereby it can: 1. Maintain information libraries abroad; 2. Broadcast the truth about American purposes and policies by radio or circulate it through the foreign press; 3. Issue publications abroad which reflect and report the real facts about America; 4. Set up educational exchanges of students, teachers, religious leaders, specialists in all fields to promote mutual understanding at home and abroad about differences which are apt to disrupt the peace; 5. And utilize other specified programs designed to win friends and respect for America and to induce others to work with us in promoting conditions in which peace can endure and in which totalitarianism in any form cannot expand." 1
Voice of America
"The scores of congressmen who visited Europe last summer and fall were shocked at the way America is being misrepresented abroad. Day and night the Russians are carrying on a vicious anti-American campaign, telling the people of Europe we are dollar diplomats, that we want to enslave the people of Europe, that we are warmongers, that the United States wants the Marshall plan in order to create a permanent market for American goods.
In France last summer when that country was suffering from its worst drouth in 100 years, communists set fires in the scanty wheat fields of Normandy and Brittany. The communist newspapers of France charged the fires were started by American agents who wanted to make France spend its last few dollars on American wheat.
Some American shipments to France were a mixture of corn and wheat flour. The communists told the French that Americans in their country only feed corn to hogs and evidently the Americans do not think any better of the French that they do of their swine." 2
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    Voice of America Stamp.
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