Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt

Mundt Office

To see a virtual tour ( file) of Karl E. Mundt's replica office, click on the image below.

Mundt Office

Once there, you will be able to move around the office by moving your cursor to the image, holding down the left mouse button and dragging it to the left or right. When the cursor turns into a white arrow, that means you can click on that image the arrow is on to move to another image. Use the + and - buttons on the bottom navigation bar to zoom in and zoom out. You can also make the hot spots visible by clicking on the arrow with the question mark.

  1. Fishing Picture
    Display Case - Personal Interests #69-2116
  2. Wednesday Night Club
    Mundt's Replica Office
  3. United States Department of Agriculture Seal
    Mundt's Replica Office
  4. Picture, World Wildlife Fund Award, Gold Medal
    Display Case, #862, 61-17F
  5. Department of State Seal
    Mundt's Replica Office
  6. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Seal
    Mundt's Replica Office
  7. Karl E. Mundt Photograph
    Karl E. Mundt Library Basement
  8. Pipes
    Display Case – Senator Mundt's Pipe Collection
  9. Nixon and Mundt by Globe Photograph
    Daily Plainsman, 5 June 1969. Scrapbook #64
  10. Ferdinand and Rose Mundt Photographs
    Mundt's Replica Office
  11. Senator John McCarthy Painting
    Mundt's Replica Office
  12. Book of Paintings by Madame Chiang Kai-Shek
    Mundt's Replica Office
  13. Mounted Mask Bobwhite and Picture
    Display Case, #714
SD State Seal

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