Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt

Un-American Activities

RG III Legislation-Un-American Activities 1939-1966
17 Hollinger document boxes (#678-694)

This famous Permanent Committee of the House of Representatives established January 3, 1944 had Senator Mundt as a member from 1944-1948. Mundt was acting chairman of the Alger Hiss hearings in 1948. The Judiciary Committee file (Box #592) also has some of this material. The Committee work related to exposing of Communists in USA, studies of Communist activities in USA government, espionage investigations and hearings, and investigations of spy and subversive activities. The Committee drafted anti-Communist legislation, devised ways to combat and control Communism and, of course, defined the term Un-American Activity. Mundt served on the Dies Committee which preceded the Un- American Activities Committee.

The definition of un-American activity was drafted by Karl E. Mundt in a speech in early 1944 and is preserved in this file. He formed his definition by writing to 100 prominent Americans of varying viewpoints and asking each one to define an "Un-American activity". The letter and some of the replies can be found in box #678, file folder 7.

The correspondents include an endless list of public, prominent citizens of that time. More on the Mundt-Nixon Bill is here.

Alber, Louis J.
Bailey, Mary Morse
Bailey, Thomas L.
Benton, William
Berman, Edward B.
Bernard, Napoleon
Bolton, Francis Payne
Bridges, Styles
Broger, John C.
Browder, Earl
Brown, Constantine
Brynes, Asher
Budenz, Louis Francis
Burke, Thomas A.
Burling, Arthur
Burling, Judith
Byrd, Harry Flood
Cagney, James
Cahn, Julius N.
Capehart, Homer Earl
Case, Francis Higbee
Celler, Emanuel
Chambers, Whittaker
Chiperfield, Robert Bruce
Christopherson, Fred C.
Clark, George H.
Clark, Thomas C.
Close, Upton
Condon, Edward U.
Coon, J. D.
Craig, George North
Criscuolo, Luigi
Crowe, Charles M.
Dallin, David J.
Davis, John W.
Dawson, Ernest
De Mille, Cecil Blount
Dennis, Eugene
Deutsch, Adolph
De Voss, Louis E.
Dewey, Thomas E.
Dies, Martin
Dirksen, Everett McKinley
Duggan, Laurence
Dworshak, Henry Clarence
Edwards, Frank William
Engels, Friedrich
Faulkner, Stanley
Fish, Hamilton, Jr.
Flynn, John T.
Foster, William Chapman
Garman, Wilford Olden Higgett
Gerson, Simon W.
Gideonse, Harry D.
Gillette, Guy Mark
Grant, David
Greenewalt, Crawford Hallock
Griswold, Dwight Palmer
Haake, Alfred P.
Hagberg, Gene
Hamlin, Scoville
Harris, Thomas Everett
Harwood, Aubrey
Hays, Arthur Garfield
Herberg, John Clifford
Hiss, Alger
Hiss, Donald
Holloway, Harry H., Jr.
Hoover, J. Edgar
Ickes, Harold L.
Isaacs, Herman
Kaminski, Peter
Kamp, Joseph P.
Kazmayor, Robert Henderson
Kefauver, Carey Estes
Kellems, Vivien
Kennedy, Harold W.
Kenyon, Dorothy
Kerr, Robert Samuel
Kersten, Charles Joseph
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
Knowland, William Fife
Kohlberg, Alfred
Koo, Vi Kyuin Wellington
Kravchenko, Victor A.
Lamont, Corliss
Lange, Fred G.
Langer, William
Ledovski, A.M.
Lee, Duncan
Lee, Kendrick
Levine, Issac Don
Lewis, Fulton, Jr.
Lewis, John L.
Lie, Trygve
Lodge, John Davis
Long, Hamilton A.
Loriks, Emil
Lovre, Harold Orrin
Lucas, Scott Mike
Lyons, Eugene
Maley, William
Malik, Charles
Mandel, Benjamin
Marx, Karl
Marzani, Carl Aldo
Matekals, A.
McCarthy, Joseph R.
McCormick, LaRue
McCulloch, William Moore
McDonald, Angus
McFarland, Ernest William
McGrath, J. Howard (James)
McLean, Whitey
Meany, George
Miller, John C.
Molotov, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich
Monroe, Alan H.
Morrissey, Walter A.
Morse, Joseph Laffan
Moser, Guy L.
Mulloney, William L.
Mund, Willi
Murray, Philip
Nixon, Richard Milhous
Otepka, Otto F.
O'Connell, Jerry Joseph
O'Connor, John Joseph
O'Dwyer, Paul
Packard, Vance
Pearson, Drew
Pearson, Melford
Perlo, Victor
Peurifoy, John E. "Jack"
Rankin, John Elliott
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Russell, Louis J.
Saltonstall, Leverett
Sampson, Frank J.
Scott, Hugh, Jr.
Shapiro, Nathan D.
Sharpe, Merrell Q.
Sigal, Benjamin C.
Smith, H. Alexander
Standley, William H.
Stern, J. David
Stokes, Richard L.
Stone, William T.
Stringfellow, George E.
Stripling, Robert E.
Studebaker, John W.
Sullivan, Francis M.
Taft, Robert A., Jr.
Talmadge, Julius Y.
Talmadge, Julius Y., Mrs.
Taylor, Henry Junior
Thomas, Elmer Marshall
Thomas, J. Parnell (John)
Thomas, Lowell
Thompson, Dorothy
Treat, Roger
Truman, Harry S.
Utley, Freda
Walker, William
Wallace, Henry Agard
Warren, Curtis E.
Watkins, Arthur Vivian
Weyl, Nathaniel
Wheeler, William Almon
White, Harry Dexter
White, William L.
Wiley, Alexander
Williams, Robert H.
Willis, Edwin Edward
Winchell, Walter
Winrod, Gerald B.
Wolf, Hugh K.
Wood, John S.
Wood, Junius B.
Zanuck, Darryl F.
Zaslavsky, David

All American Conference to Combat Communism
Amerasia Case
"America Betrayed"
American Civil Liberties Union
American Federation of Labor
American Intelligence Agency
American Jewish Committee (The)
Amerika Illustrated
Baxter International Economic Research Bureau
Brookings Institution
Browder, Earl - Trial
Chamber of Commerce of the United States
Communist Front League for Peace and Democracy
"Daily Worker"
Daughters of the American Revolution
Dies Committee
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy
Federal Bureau of Investigation
German-American Bund
Hiss, Alger Case
Hiss-Chambers Case
Hiss Trial
Hollywood Democratic Committee
Internal Security
Internal Security Act
Joint Anti-Facist Refugee Committee
Justice, Department of
Ku Klux Klan
Levine Testimony
Minority Policy Committee
Mundt-Nixon Bill
National Bureau of Standards
National Republican Club
"People's World"
"Political Affairs"
"The Pumpkin Brings it to Light"
State, Department of
Subversive Activites Control Board
Superior Court-County of Los Angeles
Territory of Hawaii-Hawaii Standard Commission
Un-American Activities-California
U.S. District Court
U.S. International Information and Educational Exchange Program
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Voice of America
War, Department of    

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