Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt


RG XIV Subject 1939-1972
65 Hollinger document boxes (#1526-1591)

This alphabetical series includes many notebooks in addition to the document boxes. All odds and ends that did not fit were deposited in this file. Guest Books, Greeting Cards and Invitations, much material is not in document boxes. A partial listing follows -

Bacon, Gaspar G.
Carlson, Frederick
Cowley, Malcolm
Dickens, Charles H.
Dulles, John Foster
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Ford, Henry
Ford, James W.
Foster, William Z.
Haskell, Edward Frohlich
Hiss, Alger
Hoover, J. Edgar
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald
Ketchum, Richard Malcolm
Lynch, John E.
Moreell, Ben
Nixon, Richard Milhous
Peterson, Peter G.
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich
Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr.
Solomon, St. John
Sutowo, Dr. Ibnu
Taft, Robert A., Jr.
Weinstein, Allen

"A" American
"A Christmas Carol"
Alexander Hamilton-Bi-centennial Commission
Alexander Hamilton Commemorative Scholarship Fund
All-American Conference to Combat Communism
Alliance for Progress
American Arabian Oil
American Enterprise Committee
American Good Government Society
American Legion
Americans for Constitutional Action
Bicentennial Commission
Black Hills Army Depot
Black Hills Indian Claims
Business Management's Responsibility in a Democracy
Child Care Hearings
Communist Party
Compressed Foods
"Congress at Work-A Senator's Day"
Constitutional Rights, Subcommittee on
"Culture and the Crisis"
Dearborn Conference
Defense-Corp of Engineers
Democratic National Convention-Chicago
Domestic Peace Corps
Economic Foreign Cooperative
Farm Machinery
Finance Committee
Freedom Foundation
Granite Foundation (The)
Good Government Society
Hiss-Chambers Case
Indonesia-Land of Opportunity
Joint Committee on Reduction of Federal Expenditures
Key Kennedy Quotes on Major Issues
Kohler Company
League of Women Voters
Library of Congress Legislative Reference Service
National Forensic League
Pumpkin Papers
Republican Party History
Rosenberg Case
U.S. Economic Conditions
Warbler, Prothonotary    

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