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Committee on Public Works

RG III Legislation - Committee on Public Works 1949-1972
4 Hollinger document boxes (#666-669)

Because 97% of the state of South Dakota is in the Missouri River Basin, the project to control the land and water resources of the Basin were a foremost concern to Senator Mundt. The Missouri Basin Project was approved by Congress in 1944 and construction of reservoirs, irrigation, dams for hydro-electric power, water conservation, recreation and wild life, flood protection, and related uses began in 1949. The Oahe Dam and the Missouri River bridge at Platte were still under construction in the 1960's so Mundt was in office during the entire project. Though this file is brief the Project file has much more detail.

Anderson, Clinton Presba
Anderson, Sigurd
Baldwin, John Finley, Jr.
Bayh, Birch Evan
Beasley, Otis
Becker, R.E.
Boe, Nils A.
Boggs, James Caleb
Buckley, Charles Anthony
Burdick, Quentin Northrop
Burdick, Usher Lloyd
Case, Francis Higbee
Chavez, Dennis
Coffey, Max
Cooper, John Sherman
Curtis, Carl Thomas
Denholm, Frank Edward
Dominick, Peter Hoyt
Eagleton, Thomas Francis
Ellender, Allen Joseph
Foss, Joseph J.
Freeman, Orville Lothrop
Gore, Albert Arnold
Gravel, Mike
Gray, Kenneth James
Gubbrud, Archie
Harris, Fred Roy
Holland, Spessard Lindsey
Hruska, Roman Lee
Inouye, Daniel Ken
Johnson, Lyndon Baines
Jordan, Benjamin Everett
Kennedy, Robert F.
Kerr, Robert Samuel
Kneip, Richard Francis
Knowland, William Fife
Linton, Ron M.
Martin, Edward Otis
McGovern, George Stanley
McNamara, Patrick Vincent
Mickelson, George T.
Murphy, George Lloyd
Proxmire, William
Randolph, Jennings
Ribicoff, Abraham A.
Robison, Howard W.
Rodberg, Leonard S.
Ruppe, Philip Edward
Sloan, W. Glenn
Stafford, Robert Theodore
Stennis, John Cornelius
Stratton, Samuel Studdiford
Tuten, James Russell
Weaver, Phillip Hart
Williams, John J.
Young, Stephen M.

Atomic Energy Commission
Big Bend
Big Bend Reservoir
Big Sioux River Project
Budget, Bureau of the
Census, Bureau of
Cheyenne River
Commerce, Department of
Corps of Engineers
Education and Labor, Committee on
Federal Works Agency
Floods and Food Control
Fort Randall Reservoir
Francis Case Memorial Bridge
Garrison Dam
Gavin's Point Reservoir
Hells Canyon Dam
John F. Kennedy Center
Missouri River
Missouri River Basin
Missouri River Development
Missouri River States Commission
Missouri Valley Authority
National Visitors Center
Sacred Heart Hospital
Tennessee Valley Authority
Vermillion River
Water Pollution
Wildlife Conservation     

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