Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt

 Karl E. Mundt

RG IV Personal - Karl E. Mundt 1938-1972
11 Hollinger document boxes (#840-850)

This restricted file may be seen by scholars with good reasons to view it and by special permission from the Mundt Foundation in Madison,South Dakota.

Contents range from personal letters from United States Presidents to Mary Mundt's recipe for Chicken-Almond Entree.

Ashbrook, John Milan
Auchincloss, James Coats
Barrett, Frank Aloysius
Baruch, Bernard M.
Berge, Wendell
Bermingham, Edward J., Jr.
Berry, Ellis Yarnal "E.Y."
Brooke, Edward William
Butler, Hugh Alfred
Byrd, Harry Flood
Case, Francis, Mrs.
Cashel, Charles R.
Celler, Emanuel
Chung, Il Kun
Colmer, William Meyers
Converse, Chandler B.
Coudert, Frederic Rene, Jr.
Curtis, Carl Thomas
Dirksen, Everett McKinley
Dodd, Thomas Joseph
Dominick, Peter Hoyt
Duke, Joseph C.
Dworshak, Henry Clarence
Earle, Cynthia Kuser
Edwards, Douglas
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Fodor, Mike W.
Fong, Hiram Leong
Ford, Gerald R., Jr.
Ford, Betty (Mrs. Gerald)
Foss, Joseph J.
French, Mary Stewart
Goldwater, Barry Morris
Green, Mary
Gubbrud, Archie
Harrison, James Lerlie
Harvey, Paul
Hayden, Carl Trumble
Henry, Omer
Higgins, Howard
Hiss, Alger
Holthusen, Harry
Hoover, J. Edgar
Hope, Robert "Bob"
Humphrey, Hubert Horatio, Jr.
Hutto, Ralph
Jacob, Bruno E.
Johnson, Lyndon Baines
Kim, Jong Pil
Klein, Julius
Kluczynski, John Carl
Knight, Francis Gladys
Kravchenko, Victor A.
Kress, Charles
Ku, Joseph
Lausche, Frank John
Lindsay, John Vliet
Lippman, Walter
Lovre, Harold Orrin
Lukens, Donald Edgar
MacArthur, Douglas
MacHugh, Joseph V.
Mansfield, Michael Joseph
McCarthy, Joseph R.
McGovern, George Stanley
Menjou, Adolphe
Mickelson, George T.
Mundt, John Carl
Mundt, Mary E. Moses
Mundt, Rose
Nichols, Louis B.
Nixon, Richard Milhous
Pelaez, Emmanuel
Poling, Daniel A.
Rayburn, Sam Taliaferro
Reagan, Ronald Wilson
Reifel, Benjamin "Ben"
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich
Rogers, William Pierce
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Schoeppel, Andrew Frank
Stennis, John Cornelius
Stettinius, Edward R. Jr.
Stevens, Robert T.
Stringfellow, Goerge E.
Taft, Robert A., Jr.
Tower, John Gordon
Trice, J. Mark
Vanik, Mrs. Charles A.
Williams, J. Harvie
Willis, Edwin Edward

American Council of Young Political Leaders
American Good Government Society
Army-McCarthy Hearings
Citizens for Freedom, Inc.
Coat of Arms (Mundt)
Eisenhower-Mundt Controversy
El Riad Shrine
German Reich Currency
Germany, West Berlin
Greek Order of the Phoenix
India League of America
Indian Affairs
Mundt Library - Dedication
National Forensic League
Oahe Irrigation Project
State, Department of
United Nations Educational Scientific, and Cultural Organization
Worthingon Plan
"I Believe"
"The Blue and Gray"     

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