Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt

Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field

RG III Legislation - Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field 1949-1960
5 Hollinger document boxes (#701-705)

Senator Karl Mundt served on the Senate Select Committee to Investigate Improper Activities in the Labor - Management Field or the so-called "Labor Rackets Committee". Members of the committee were-

John L. McClellan, Ark. Chairman
Irving M. Ives, N.Y. Vice Chairman
Robert F. Kennedy, Chief Counsel
Carl T. Curtis, Nebr.
Sam J. Ervin, Jr., N.C.
Barry Goldwater, Ariz.
John F. Kennedy, Mass.
Pat McNamara, Mich.
Karl E. Mundt, S.Dak.

This committee was formed as a result of Senate Resolution 74, 85th Congress.

The series relates to labor union disputes and labor rackets including the James Hoffa hearings. Prominent names here are John Bolman, Walter P. Reuther, Richard T. Gosser, George Stringfellow, John V. Beamer, James C. Auchincloss, John W. Brinker, August E. Johansen, Fulton Lewis, Jr., Adolph Menjou, and David Beck. The contents are letters, telegrams, news stories, memos, speeches, and hearings transcripts.

Karl Mundt was one of nine senators listed for "purge" during Jimmy Hoffa's domination of the powerful Teamsters Brotherhood.

Auchincloss, James Coats
Beamer, John Valentine
Bolman, John
Bricker, John William
Butler, John Marshall
Goldwater, Barry Morris
Gosser, Richard T.
Johansen, August Edgar
Kennedy, Robert F.
Lewis, Fulton, Jr.
McClellan, John Little
Menjou, Adolphe
Nelsen, Ancher
Reuther, Walter P.
Robertson, A. Willis
Rogers,William Pierce
Stringfellow, George E.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Joint Economic Committee
Kohler Strike
Labor Unions     

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