Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt


RG 1 Departmental Files - Justice 1950-1972
8 Hollinger document boxes (#162-169)

This limited file shows Senator Karl Mundt as a caring legislator to whom citizens from many states wrote when feeling threatened by government or concerned about America's security. Extensive correspondence with J. Edgar Hoover of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is here. Many constituents wrote to Mundt with concerns about "communist" influence. Mundt served on the House Un-American Activities Committee and presided at the Congressional hearings of Whittaker Chambers, Alger Hiss, Elizabeth Bentley. Alger Hiss first figured in Mundt's career when, as Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on International Organization in June, 1945, Hiss was invited to visit the Black Hills as a possible site for United Nations headquarters. Mundt probably next heard the name of Alger Hiss on August 3, 1948 when Hiss was named in a charge of communist infiltration. The Mundt-Nixon Bill, numbered HR 5852, passed on May 19, 1948 and required that members of the Communist Party of the United States register.

Abdnor, James
Boe, Nils A.
Brownell, Herbert, Jr.
Cabrera, Agapito J.
Case, Francis Higbee
Clark, Ramsey
DeLoach, Cartha D.
Dirksen, Everett McKinley
Dunn, Francis G.
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Elbrick, Charles Burke
Farrar, Frank Leroy
Gellner, Charles Raymond
Gray, L. Patrick, III
Hiss, Alger
Holman, Frank E.
Hoover, J. Edgar
Johnson, Lyndon Baines
Keating, Kenneth Barnard
Kennedy, Robert F.
Kleindienst, Richard Gordon
Kneip, Richard Francis
Martin, Edwin W.
Matsas, Alexander M.
McGovern, George Stanley
Meyer, Colette
Mickelson, George T.
Mitchell, John Newton
Montgomery, George S.
Nixon, Richard Milhous
Reifel, Benjamin "Ben"
Rogers, William P.
Walter, Francis Eugene

American Jewish Committee
American Trial Lawyers Association
Anti-Trust Laws
Beryllium Industry
Civil Rights Act
Connally Reservation
Council Against Communist Aggression
Crime Control
Defense Minerals Exploration Assistance
Defense Production Act (1950)
Eastern Kodak Company
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Foreign Agents
Foreign Relations Committee
Immigrant Visa
Immigration and Naturalization Service
John Birch Society
Langenfeld Ice Cream Company
Law Enforcement-Education
Mental Health
Mundt-Nixon Bill
National Italo American Society
Prisons, Bureau of
Sugar Beet Industry
Synthetic Rubber Industry
Un-American Activities Committee
United States Board of Parole
United States Steel Corporation
Visa Office     

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