Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt


RG 1 Departmental Files - Interior 1947-1970
44 Hollinger documents boxes (#114-161)

This extensive file reflects Senator Karl Mundt's seniority on the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee and his position on the subcommittee which appropriates funds for the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Reclamation irrigation and power projects, Indian Affairs, mining, and water resource development. He was an ardent conservationist. Senator Mundt's records on Bureau of Indian Affairs work represents one of the most extensive collections on Native American affairs.

Aandahl, Fred George
Abdnor, James
Adams, George
Agnew, Spiro T.
Armstrong, Ellis Leroy
Bennett, Elmer Frank
Bennett, Robert Leo, Jr.
Berry, Ellis Yarnal "E.Y."
Bible, Alan Harvey
Boe, Nils A.
Bolton, Frances Payne
Brucker, Wilbur Marion
Butler, Hugh Alfred
Butz, Earl Lauer
Case, Francis Higbee
Chapman, Oscar Littleton
Charles, Richard
Church, Frank Forrester
Colosimo, E. Thomas
Cunningham, Glenn Clarence
DeGrazio, John W.
Denholm, Frank Edward
Dominick, Peter Hoyt
Douglas, Philip A.
Durkin, Martin P.
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Emmons, Glenn L.
Ervin, Samuel James, Jr.
Farrar, Frank Leroy
Foss, Joseph J.
Freeman, Orville Lothrop
Fryer, E. Reeseman
Goldberg, Arthur
Gubbrud, Archie
Gurney, (John) Chan (dler)
Guy, William Lewis
Haley, James Andrew
Hansen, Clifford Peter
Hansen, Julia Butler
Harlow, Bryce Nathaniel
Heinbaugh, Jerry
Herseth, Ralph
Hickel, Walter Joseph
Hickenlooper, Bourke Blakemore
Hill, Joseph Lister
Hirsch, Robert
Hodges, Luther Hartwell, Jr.
Holscher, Fred H.
Holum, Kenneth
Hruskra, Roman Lee
Humphrey, Hubert Horatio, Jr.
Ickes, Harold L.
Jackson, Henry Martin
Jordan, Leonard Beck
Kahan, Archie M.
Kneip, Richard Francis
Langer, William
Long, David Michael, Jr.
Lovre, Harold Orrin
Martin, Thomas Ellsworth
McBride, Donald Opie
McGovern, George Stanley
McKay, Douglas
McKelvey, Vincent Ellis
Metcalf, Lee
Mickelson, George T.
Mitchell, John Newton
Morton, Rogers Clark Ballard
Moss, Frank Edward
Nichols, John R.
Nixon, Richard Milhous
O'Brien, Lawrence Francis
O'Mahoney, Jospeh C.
Pecora, William T.
Reifel, Benjamin "Ben"
Ribicoff, Abraham A.
Richardson, Elliott Lee
Rogers, William Pierce
Romney, George W.
Seaton, Frederick Andrew
Stans, Maurice Hubert
Trueblood, Ted
Twitty, Howard Allen
Tysk, Harold
Udall, Stewart Lee
Wang, Frank F.H.
Williams, Jonah
Young, Milton Ruben

Alaska Pipeline
Alaska Statehood
American Indian Foundation
Anacostia Swimming Pool
Angostura Project
Badlands National Monument
Badlands National Park
Battle of New Orleans National Park
Battle of New Orleans-Sea Power
Bear Butte State Park
Big Stone Lake-Whetstone River Project
Black Hills Sioux Nation
Black Hills, South Dakota
Black Hills State College
Bon Homme Cemetery
Boulder, Colorado
Box Elder Creek Association
Budget, Bureau of the
Budgetary Reserve Statistics Bureau
Cannon Ball District Resource Conservation and Development Project
Chamberlain, South Dakota
Chase Lake National Refugee
Cheyenne River Agency
Cheyenne River Reservation
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
Civil Rights Act (1964)
Cleghorn Springs State Trout Hatchery
Coal Research, Office of
Colorado River Basin Project
Commercial Fisheries
Constitutional Rights, Subcommittee on
Crane Lake Recreation Area
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse Monument
Crow Creek Agency
Crow Creek-Lower Brule Agency
Custer, South Dakota
Deadwood Sanitary District-Project
Defense Minerals Exploration Administration
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Earth Resource Observation Satellite
East River Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.
Echo Park Dam
Faulk County Museum
Federal Coal Mine Safety Board
Federal Water Pollution Control Act
Federal Water Pollution Control Administration
Fish and Wildlife Service
Flandreau, South Dakota
Ford Theatre Restoration
Fort Meade Military Reservation
Fort Meade Recreation
Fort Meade Reservation
Fort Peck Project
Fort Randall
Fort Randall Dam
Fort Sisseton
Fort Thompson
Fort Thompson-Grassrope Pumping Unit
Fort Thompson Municipal Center
Freeman Historical Site
Gavin's Point Fish Hatchery
Glacier Park
Grand Canyon National Park
Grasslands National Park
Grassrope Irrigation Project
Great Plains National Park
Green Mountain
Hawaii, Territory of
Health, Education and Welfare
Henault Mining Company
Holy Bull, Cadotte and Buffalo
Hot Springs, South Dakota
Housing and Urban Development, Department of
Hydroelectric Plants
Immaculate Conception High School-Stephan, South Dakota
Indian Affairs, Bureau of
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Cheyenne
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-College Centers
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Crow Creek-Lower Brule Agencies
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Flandreau
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Lower Brule
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Pine Ridge Agency
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Rapid City
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Rosebud Agency
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Schools
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Sisseton
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Standing Rock Agency
Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Yankton
Indian Claims Commission
Indian Health Service
Indian Museum-Rapid City, South Dakota
Indian Pony Claims Law
Indian Schools
Indians Education
Interior and Insular Affairs, Committee of
Irrigation-North Platte Project Area
Itek Data Analysis Center
James River Projects
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
Jewel Cave National Monument
Johnson-O'Malley Program
Kyle Livestock Owners Association
Lake Andes, South Dakota
Lake Andes-Wagner Irrigation
Lake Traverse Reservation
Lakota Higher Education Center-Pine Ridge
Land Management, Bureau of
Land Settlement
Lewis and Clark Trail Project
Loneman Day School
Lower Brule Agency
Lower Brule-Crow Creek Agencies
Lower Brule Indian Reservation
Microwave System of South Dakota
Migratory Bird Regulations
Mineral Claims
Mines, Bureau of
Mining Claims
Mining Laws
Missouri River Basin
Missouri River Basin-Fort Thompson
Missouri River Basin-Grassrope
Missouri River Basin-Oahe
Missouri River Basin-Pick-Sloan
Missouri River Basin Project
Missouri River Reservoirs
Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Mount Rushmore National Monument
National Historic Preservation Act (1966)
National Land Reserve
National Park Service
National Prairie Park
National Reclamation Association
National Wildlife Refuge
"North by Northwest"
Nuclear Energy
Oahe Conservancy Sub-District
Oahe Dam
Oahe Fish Hatchery
Oglala Sioux
Oglala Sioux Rehabilitation Bill
Ohio Valley Improvement Association
Old Faithful Station
Old Fort Meade Museum
Outdoor Recreation, Bureau of
Pierre Agency
Pierre-Crow Creek
Pierre, South Dakota
Pine Ridge College Center
Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
Pipestone National Monument
Pollock-Herreid Irrigation
Pollock-Herreid Project
Prairie Grasslands National Monument
Public Health Service
Public Lands
Rainbow Bridge National Monument
Rapid City Air Force Base-Ellsworth
Rapid City, South Dakota
Raven Industries
Reclamation, Bureau of
Red Cloud Indian School
Red-Winged Blackbird
Rosebud Municipal Center
Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge
"Save our Lakes"
Shadehill Reservoir
Siechie Hollow National Park
Sinte Gleska College Center
Sioux Addition Civic Association
Sioux Indian Sanitarium
Sioux-Sisseton and Wahpeton Bands Treaty, 1867
Sisseton Agency
Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe
Slim Butte Land Use and Management Association
Slim Butte Project
Smithsonian National Zoo
Social Security Administration
South Dakota Black Hills
South Dakota Game and Fish Commission
South Dakota Reclamation Association
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
South Dakota State Historical Society
South Dakota Wildlife Federation
Split Mountain Dam
Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Bureau of
Sport Fishing Institute
Standing Rock Agency
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe - Alcohol
Steering Committee
St. Francis Indian School
Task Force on Indian Affairs
Tennessee Valley Authority
Territories, Office of
Theodore Roosevelt Island
Transmission Study 190
Tribal Land Enterprise
Trumpeter Swans
"Underneath Mount Rushmore Moon"
United Sioux Tribe
United Sioux Tribal Counsel
United States Court of Appeals
United States National Arboretum
University of South Dakota
Voyageurs National Park
Wagner Public School
Wagner, South Dakota
Wagner, South Dakota - East Charles Mix Independent School
Wamblee School
Water Facilities Act
Water Pollution
Water Resource Development
Water Resources Commission
Water Resources Council
Water Resources Research Act (1964)
Water Resources Research Institute
Water Unlimited, Inc.
Waubay Public Schools
Weather Modification
Webster, South Dakota
Webster, South Dakota Experimental Test Facility
Wheeler-Howard Act
Wind Cave National Park
Working Indians Civil Association
Wounded Knee
Wounded Knee Battleground
Wounded Knee National Monument
Yankton State Hospital
Yankton, South Dakota
Yellowstone National Park 

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