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Sam Stegman

"I am Sam Stegman's brother. He died in 1990. I believe he won the Hamilton thing and delayed the scholarship for Med School. He already had a scholarship for his undergrad schooling at Butler. He then was graduated from Indiana University College of Medicine. Physicians at that time had internships, he went to Denver General in Colorado then he went to the Navy. He was primarily with the Marines. He got the Marine medal for his work with the troops headed for Viet Nam. When he got out of the Navy he studied dermatology in residency in San Francisco and then joined a practice in San Francisco. We knew he traveled a lot and was making a good living, BUT we did not know he was so famous. A cousin in Texas went to a derm and asked if he knew Sam Stegman, the derm went wild and said Sam was the leading dermatological surgeon in the country, etc. etc. He won all kinds of awards and owned homes in San Francisco and Palm Springs. When I learned that I called him and said something like OK tell me about what you do, etc. We had to delay his memorial service for a week while people from Europe and Japan could get here. The Dean of the Harvard Medical School also joined us in the memorial service."

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