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Tom Musante

 Tom Musante bio.,fun to live, fun to read?

 Post Hamilton meeting.

 Trinity College Hartford.  Class of 61 with marriage to  my junior high school" first love" at the end of freshman year. Said marriage cost us my scholarship and opened a world to me of driving Good Humor Trucks  and armored car vans delivering money around  CT>  Graduated with honors on schedule and...

 after  a short while entered the Foreign Service with wife  and infant daughter and was posted to Washington and then Buenos Aires.  Two years on  post in BA was fun but the reality of the experience did not meet expectations so I resigned.

 Entered the  life insurance business, and added more incentive with another daughter and began  to  "build a  business."  Punched my union cards, otherwise known as the CLU and ChFC and had some success.  After some 20 years, the  first born daughter, having graduated form Trinity, following her  old man in that path also entered the insurance business and  then joined with me.

 As I approached forty years in the business and  was in the process of handing the business over to her, she suggested that she did not want to be in business without me and she thought we should sell. 

 Fun and games, road shows,  SEC disclosures, big mucky muck lawyers in Washington, our very own "prospectus" and all that  stuff and  a merger with  a large regional bank at a multiple that I would not have paid,  and, when, I was a senior Vide President, to act as consultant to the new entity.  For three years the phone did not ring but the checks kept coming and there was time to spend with  the four grandchildren  and the house on the Cape that we had acquired along the way.

 Life is now  comprised of being with grandchildren from ages two to sixteen,  two or three cruises with the family  per year, a little teaching  in the local high schools, acting as trustee in a couple of estates of friends  that I helped established, some yoga classes, some pilots, and, all in all,  a pleasant pace.

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