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Craig Bamberger

Following the '57 Hamilton event I started at the University of Alabama, just before Bear Bryant and Joe Namath arrived there. After college I took an MA at the Fletcher School and spent a year being a Management Intern in Defense Secretary McNamara's office, before attending law school at Harvard. Upon graduation I joined a Washington-Boston law firm whose DC office Chuck Colson headed, and when Chuck disgraced himself in the Watergate scandal and the firm voted not to take him back, he and other partners went off to form another firm and, regrettably, major clients went with them.

As a consequence I soon was in need of other employment and wound up at the Federal Energy Administration (precursor of the Energy Department), working for Colorado's Joe Bell (!) and helping to create the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Fifteen years later I left for Paris to be General Counsel of the International Energy Agency, a position from which I retired at the end of 2001. I moved back to the Washington area with my English bride who theretofore had seen all of about two weeks of the US, and our young son. Now I'm a geezer dad playing baseball and soccer with first graders, while consulting to the Homeland Security Dept on critical infrastructure issues and occasionally advising on international arbitration disputes arising out of energy investments. My 35 year old daughter from my first marriage is a still-aspiring singer-composer who, thank goodness, also is a real estate agent in San Francisco. Maybe she can compose a song for the reunion.

Attached is my latest "business" resume.

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