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Carl Adler

My B.S. and Ph.D. are from the University of Notre Dame. I was married in 1963 to Kay Conito from Fergus Falls, MN. She attended St Mary's in South Bend. We have two children, Chris who is now in Macon GA, and, Dawn in nearby Atlanta. Dawn and her husband Graham have three children, the oldest one Kendall was probably the first baby to have her own web page. I was Professor of Physics at East Carolina University from 1965 t0 2000. For eight of those years I was Department Chair, starting on April 1, 1984. A date which proved prophetic. My main research interests where relativity, quantum theory, as well as, the history and philosophy of science. Truth be told I was something of a dilettante. The most interesting thing I did can be found at Sailors will find this interesting: Finally. you can check out

Towards the end my career in physics I developed an algorithmic test maker for creating web based tests that changed with each student. This was probably the first of its sort and brought a lot of business from academic publishers. So much so that it led to my retirement at 60 so I could devote full time to my new business. Now at 65 I am starting to retire again (slowly).

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