Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt

Government Operations

RG III Legislation - Government Operations 1941-1972
44 Hollinger documents boxes (#529-572)

Senator Mundt served on the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations with John L. McClellan, Henry M. Jackson, John F. Kennedy, Stuart Symington, Sam J. Ervin, Jr., Hubert H. Humphrey, Strom Thurmond, Joseph R. McCarthy, Margaret Chase Smith, Norris Cotton, George H. Bender, and Thos. E. Martin. Robert F. Kennedy was the Chief Counsel.

The Army-McCarthy hearing in 1954 was chaired by Mundt. A complete manuscript of the Army-McCarthy Book by Senator Mundt in Box 555 may be viewed on microfilm or manuscript at the Mundt Library in Madison, South Dakota but is not available on interlibrary loan. Its publishing privileges are restricted to the Mundt Foundation. The Committee scrutinized such matters as Department of Defense procurement system, Federal Motor Vehicle Fleet, Pakistan Grain Storage Investigation, tariffs on watches, duplication in government map-making service and of medical supply systems by the Army and Navy, East-West trade controls, rubber requirements and resources of the U.S., the Hoover Commission Report with recommendations for cost controls and efficiency in government, labor racketeering, Communist ownership of G.I. schools, acceptance of gifts from foreign dignitaries by U.S. government employees, Surplus Property Disposal Act, Passport Service, Obscene Literature (S.162), establishment of a Department of Urban Affairs and Housing, creation of a Joint Committee on the Budget, the Valachi Hearings, Congressional Reorganization Act of 1969, the Billie Sol Estes case, TFX hearings, campus disorders in 1969, organized crime, fraud and mismanagement in Military Club Systems, illegal currency manipulation in South Vietnam, and bombing and terrorism in the United States.

Mundt's conscious attempt to focus the public on the "Communist Threat" led historians to tie him closely to Senator Joseph McCarthy and Richard M. Nixon. Mundt's biography reveals a cordial relationship with Nixon but a formal one with McCarthy. The latter was censured by the Senate. Mundt served on the Subcommittee on Executive Reorganization when the Hoover Commission recommended that voters elect an Administrative Vice President.

Agnew, Spiro T.
Aiken, George David
Albert, Carl Bert
Alexander, W. B.
Allott, Gordon Llewellyn
Ardery, Philip Pendleton
Bagge, Carl Elmer
Bagley, Edward R.
Baker, Howard Henry
Baker, Robert
Bayard, James
Becker, Frank J.
Bennett, Wallace Foster
Berry, Ellis Yarnal "E.Y."
Bloom, George I.
Boe, Nils A.
Bolton, Archer L., Jr.
Bowes, Harry P.
Boyd, Alan Stephenson
Brick, John
Bridwell, Lowell K.
Brode, Wallace R.
Brooke, Edward William
Brooks, Jack
Brown, Clarence J.
Brownell, Herbert Jr.
Budenz, Louis Francis
Burdick, Quentin Northrop
Bush, John William
Byrd, Glen
Byrd, Harry Flood
Cahn, Edgar S.
Carey, James B.
Carlson, Frank
Carr, Francis P.
Case, Clifford Philip
Case, Francis Higbee
Caudill, Harry M.
Chamberlain, Charles Ernest
Chambers, Whittaker
Chavez, Dennis
Choate, Robert Burnett
Chotiner, Murray M.
Clark, Joseph Sill
Clark, Mark
Clifford, Clark M.
Clifton, Joseph Wendell
Cohen, Edgar S.
Cohen, Wilbur Joseph
Cohn, Roy Marcus
Collins, Michael F.
Collier, Robert Arthur
Connally, John Bowden
Connole, William R.
Conyers, John, Jr.
Cooper, John Sherman
Courtney, Kent
Courtney, Phoebe
Cox, Kenneth Allen
Crowley, William James
Curtis, Carl Thomas
Daniels, Dominick Vincent
Derounian, Steven Boghos
Dickey, William Lee
Dillion, Conley Hall
Dirksen, Everett McKinley
Dole, Robert Joseph
Dominick, Peter Hoyt
Dorsen, Norman
Dushnyck, Walter
Dwyer, Florence Price
Ebersole, Gordon K.
Edison, Charles
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Engberg, Laurel A.
Erlenborn, John Neal
Ervin, Samuel James, Jr.
Farrar, Frank Leroy
Fenton, Ivor David
Ferguson, Homer
Ferguson, Myrtle
Folsom, Marion Bayard
Freeman, Orville Lothrop
French, Mary Stewart
Fry, John
Gaud, William Steen
Gerstenberg, Richard C.
Gibbons, Harry J.
Gifford William
Godfrey, Horace D.
Goldberg, Arthur J.
Goldwater, Barry Morris
Griffin, Robert Paul
Gruening, Ernest
Gubbrud, Archie
Gurney, (John) Chan (dler)
Gurney, Edward John
Hales, N. Battle
Hamilton, William Graham, Jr.
Hansen, Clifford Peter
Harlow, Bryce Nathaniel
Harriman, William Averell
Harris, Fred Roy
Hartranft, Joseph Bechwith, Jr.
Hawkes, Albert Wahl
Hayden, Carl Trumble
Hearst, William Randolph, Jr.
Hechler, Kenneth
Henle, Peter
Herron, William George
Hill, Joseph Lister
Hiss, Alger
Hoffa, James Riddle
Hogan, Lawrence Joseph
Holland, Spessard Lindsey
Hollomon, J. Herbert (John)
Holt, Pat Mayo
Hoover, Herbert Clark
Hoover, J. Edgar
Hughes, Phillip Samuel
Humphrey, Hubert Horatio, Jr.
Jackson, Henry Martin
Javits, Jacob Koppel
Jenkins, Ray
Jenner, William Ezra
Johnson, Harold Keith
Johnson, Lyndon Baines
Jonas, Charles Raper
Jordan, Benjamin Everett
Jordan, Leonard Beck
Juliana, James Nicholas
Kamerick, Paul E.
Keating, Kenneth Barnard
Kefauver, Carey Estes
Keyserling, Leon H.
Kenfield, Leonard
Kennedy, Edward Moore
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald
Kennedy, Robert F.
Kerr, Robert Samuel
Kissinger, Henry Alfred
Kluckhohn, Frank L.
Knott, Lawson B., Jr.
Knowland, William Fife
Kraenzel, Carl Frederick
Kuchel, Thomas Henry
Laird, Melvin Robert
Landon, Alfred Mossman
La Paglia, Charles
Lasky, Victor
Lausche, Frank John
Lee, Robert E.
Leigh, Robert J.
Lewis, Fulton, Jr.
Magnuson, Warren Grant
Mansbridge, Fred H.
Mansfield, D. Bruce
Mansfield, Michael Joseph
Manwaring, H. Laurence
Martin, Thomas Ellsworth
Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.
McCarthy, Joseph R.
McClellan, John Little
McClory, Robert
McGee, Gale William
McGovern, George Stanley
McLane, R.T.
McMahon, Donald F.
McNamara, Robert Strange
McNichols, Stephen L. R.
Mercer, Walter J.
Metcalf, Lee
Miles, Rufus Edward, Jr.
Miller, Arjay
Miller, Herbert John
Miller, Jack Richard
Mills, Wilbur Daigh
Mondale, Walter Frederick
Morgan, Philip William
Moss, Frank Edward
Moss, John Emerson, Jr.
Mundt, Karl Earl
Mundt, Mary E. Moses
Murphy, Daniel J.
Muskie, Edmund Sixtus
Nader, Ralph
Nelles, Maurice
Nelson, Gaylord Anton
Neustadt, Richard Elliott
Nixon, Richard Milhous
Norton, James A.
Oakes, James L.
Olney, Warren
Paul VI, Pope
Pearson, James Blackwood
Percy, Charles Harting
Peress, Irving
Phillips, John
Potter, Charles Edward
Prouty, Winston Lewis
Proxmire, William
Radican, Robert E.
Randolph, Jennings
Resor, Stanley Rogers
Reuther, Walter
Ribicoff, Abraham A.
Richberg, Donald R.
Riehlman, R. Walter
Robinson, Will G.
Rockefeller, John D. III
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich
Rogers, William Pierce
Ross, Charles Robert
Ruddy, Robert
Russell, Richard Brevard, Jr.
Sahlman, Frank M.
Saltonstall, Leverett
Sanders, Thomas W.
Saylor, John Phillipe
Schwalbach, Ann
Scott, Hugh, Jr.
Sears, Samuel Powers
Seidman, Bert
Seymour, Russell B.
Sherman, Harvey Richmond
Shriver, Glenn K.
Silha, Otto Adelbert
Simmons, A.R.
Simon, Carolina Klein
Simon, John G.
Simpson, Milward Lee
Smith, H. Allen
Stassen, Harold Edward
Steele, James Patrick, Jr.
Stennis, John Cornelius
Stephens, David H.
Stevens, Robert T.
Stevens, Theodore Fulton
Stewart, Bessie
Stinson, Julian R.
Stringfellow, George E.
Sylvester, Arthur A.
Symington, Stuart
Talbott, Harold E.
Tally, J.O. Jr.
Thurmond, Strom
Thye, Edward John
Tower, John Gordon
Trice, J. Mark
Tydings, Joseph Davies
Udall, Stewart Lee
Unsel, Gertrude E.
Vennard, Edwin
Warnke, Paul Culliton
Watkins, Arthur Vivian
Weaver, Robert Clifton
Weeks, Sinclair
Weitzel, Frank Harvey
Welch, Francis X.
Welch, Joseph N.
Wennberg, John E.
Wier, James Arista
Wiley, Alexander
Williams, John J.
Winchell, Walter
Wirtz, W. Willard
Young, Milton Ruben
Zwicker, Ralph W.

Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
Agency for International Development
Agriculture, Department of
Air Force, Department of
American Medical Association
Army, Department of
Army-McCarthy Book
Army-McCarthy Hearings
Atlantic Alliance (The)
Balanced Economic Development, Commission on
Banking and Currency, Committee on
Billie Sol Estes Case
Black Panthers
Bombing and Terrorism
Budget, Bureau of the
Campus Disorders
Carl Renda Case
Chrysler Corporation
Civil Disorders
Civil Disorders Advisory Commission
Commodity Credit Corporation
Congressional Reorganization
Defense, Department of
Defense Production Act
Desalinization of Water
Detroit Riot
Dies Committee
East-West Trade
Economic Development Committee
Economic Opportunity, Office of
Ellis Island
"The Enemy Within"
Estes, Billie Sol
Executive Reorganization, Subcommittee on
Export-Import Bank
Family Assistance Act
Federal Housing Administration
Federally Insured Banks
Finance, Committee of
Foreign Aid
Foreign Assistance Act
Foreign Policy
Fraud & Corruption in Management of Military Club Systems & Illegal Currency Manipulations
affecting South Vietnam
Freedom Academy
General Motors Corporation
General Services Administration
Government Operations Committee
Health Education & Welfare, Department of
Hoover Commission
Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field, Select Committee on
Income Tax
Intergovernmental Relations
Intergovernment Relations, Advisory Commission on
Interior, Department of
International Development Corporation Act
Investigations, Subcommittee on
John Hopkins Hospital
John P. Nichols Case
Joint Budget Committee
Judiciary, Committee of
Kaiser Foundation
Kennedy Space Center
Kent State Tragedy
Labor Statistics, Bureau of
Labor Unions
Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
McCarthy Censure
Medical Programs
Mismanagement in Military Club Systems & Illegal Currency Manipulations in South Vietnam
& elsewhere
National Governors Conference
National Policy Machinery, Subcommittee on
National Safety Council
National Science Foundation
National Security Policy
National Security Staffing & Operations, Subcommittee on
Noxious and Obscene Material and Matters
Obscene Literature
Organized Crime
Otepka, Otto F. (Case)
"Our Invisible Government"
Passports Service
Poor People's March
Population Growth, Commission on
Presidents Commission on Campus Unrest
Private Enterprise
Property and Administration Services Act
Racial Unrest
Real Estate Rackets
Reference for Detroit Riot
Reorganization Act of 1964
Reorganization and International Organizations, Subcommittee on
Riots, Civil & Criminal Disorders & Disruption on College Campuses
Science and Technology, Department of
Silverthorne Gambling
Small Business Investment Companies
South Dakota Health Research Institute
Surplus Property Disposal Act
Taft-Hartley Act
Teamsters Union
Tennessee Valley Authority
TFX Contract
Traffic Safety
Transportation, Department of
Un-American Activities Committee
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Urban Problems
Urban Renewal
United States Court of Appeals
United States Tariff Commission
Valachi Hearings
Veterans Administration
Virgin Island
Walter Reuther Assault
Weather Modification
Welfare Pension Plans
"What was Joe McCarthy Like?"
Zwicker Testimony   

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