Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt

Foreign Affairs Committee

RG III Legislation - Foreign Affairs Committee 1941-1972
26 Hollinger document boxes (#453-478)

Having a traditional interest in foreign affairs since college days Senator Mundt was appointed to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives on January 14, 1941. Though Mundt was very close to an isolationist to keep the United States out of war he admired Woodrow Wilson for his idealistic positions on international cooperation. These seemingly contradictory stances were melded in his service career on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which would demand the most of his talents and energies. These assignments were a dream come true. Mundt's anti-war attitude before December 7, 1941 was followed by complete conversion to an all-out effort to win. After World War II Mundt was responsible for UNESCO's (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) momentum in the United States. After success in gaining congressional approval for UNESCO he expressed his international vision in the Smith-Mundt Act. This Act (H.R. 3342 and Public Law 402 of the 80th Congress) resulted in expansion of Voice of America, American libraries abroad, thousands of student exchanges, the United States Information Agency, and, later, Vision of America though the latter was opposed by traditional conservatives, John Bricker and Robert Taft of Ohio.

This series relates anti-war propaganda, Neutrality Act legislation, Lend-Lease Act, America First Committee, Mundt's European Overseas Study Trip, UNESCO, European Trip of the Smith-Mundt group, the move for a United Nations World Capitol in the Black Hills, and Operation Democracy.

The Administrations represented are Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman.

Acheson, Dean
Alexander, John G.
Alexandrides, Apostolos
Allen, George V.
Ball, Joseph Hurst
Beckman, Francis J. L.
Bellamy, Ralph
Benson, George S.
Benton, William
Bern, Gregory G.
Bess, Demaree
Bloom, Sol
Bolton, Frances Payne
Bone, Homer Truett
Bradley, Frederick Van Ness
Braisted, Paul Judson
Bretton, Woods
Brodie, J. C.
Byrnes, James Francis
Call, Arthur Deerin
Capper, Arthur
Carstensen, Viggo
Casale, J. Douglas
Case, Francis Higbee
Churchill, Sir Winston
Clark, D. Worth (David)
Cleveland, Harold van B.
Close, Upton
Cole, Albert Mc Donald
Coughlin, Charles Edward
Culbertson, Ely
Curtis, Catherine
Dewey, Charles Schuveldt
Dirksen, Everett McKinley
Donaher, John A.
Donovan, Thomas A.
Driver, Tom Faw
Ducote, Charles H.
Dulles, John Foster
Edman, George W.
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Emeny, Brooks
Ethridge, Mark
Everson, Everett H.
Fadhil, Jamali
Feis, Herbert
Findley, Paul
Fish, Hamilton, Jr.
Fisher, Adrian Sanford
Fisher, Ovie Clark
Fitzgerald, John J.
Fosdick, Harry Emerson
Foster, William Chapman
Franco, Francisco
French, Mary Stewart
Fulton, James G.
Goff, Kenneth, "Confessions of Stalin's Agent"
Genov, G. P.
Ghory, E.A.
Gill, Samuel E.
Gillette, Guy Mark
Goldstein, Israel
Grafton, Samuel
Grew, Joseph Clark
Groves, H. Lawrence
Gurney, (John) Chan (dler)
Gwinn, Ralph Waldo
Haake, Alfred P.
Hays, Brooks
Hazard, John N.
Hebert, F. Edward (Felix)
Hein, F.V.
Hicks, W.B., Jr.
Hitler, Adolf
Holland, Kenneth
Hoover, Herbert Clark
Hosmer, Craig
Hull, Cordell
Hunt, H.R.
Huxley, Dr.
Johnson, Kathryn M.
Kamp, Joseph P.
Kekich, Emil
Kent, A.H.P.
King-Hall, Stephen
Kintner, William Roscoe
Knutson, Harold
Kunkel, John Crain
LaFollette, Charles Marion
Laski, Harold J.
Laves, Walter H.C.
Lewis, Fulton, Jr.
Lezak-Borin, Vladimir
Lilly, Frank
Lindbergh, Charles A.
Littell, Norman M.
Lodge, Henry Cabot
Lodge, John Davis
Luce, Clare Boothe
Ludlow, Louis Leon
Luther, Martin
MacLeish, Archibald
Magnus, Judah L.
Marshall, James Edward
Martin, Edwin W.
Maugham, Viscount
Maverick, Fontaine Maury
McBride, James H.
McCormack, John W.
McCormick, Robert R.
Mikolajazyk, Stanislaw
Morley, Felix Muskett
Moulton, Harold G.
Mundt, John Carl
Mundt, Karl E.
Myers, John Thomas
Nye, Gerald Prentice
O'Connor, Grover
Osmers, Frank C., Jr.
Ossanna, Fred A.
Pegler, Westbrook
Petkov, Nicola D.
Pettengill, Samuel Barrett
Phillips, Thomas R.
Pinchot, Amos R. E.
Prestage, Edgar Lewis
Prince Regent of Belgium
Raborg, Paul Christopher
Rankin, John Elliott
Reisner, Edward H.
Rewinkel, Milton Carl
Richards, James Prioleau
Richberg, Donald R.
Ripley, Robert
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Salazar, Antonio Oliveira
Sarmiento, Domingo Faustino
Scheibla, Shirley Hobbs
Schoenfeld, Rudolf E.
Schwarzkopf, Norman H.
Scott, Hugh, Jr.
Shanley, James Andrew
Sharpe, Merrell Q.
Short, Dewey
Simone, Andre
Singh, Jag Jeet
Smith, Dale Orville
Smith, Gerald L. K.
Stark, Harold R.
Stassen, Harold Edward
Stettinius, Edward R., Jr.
Stieve, Friedrich
Stimson, Henry L.
Swing, Raymond Graham
Taft, Robert A., Jr.
Tanner, Arvid B.
Thomas, Norman
Thompson, Dorothy
Thomson, Charles Alexander Holmes
Tinkham, George Holden
Tobey, Charles William
Treadway, Allen Towner
Truman, Harry S.
Vandenberg, Arthur H.
Voorhis, Jerry
Walmsley, W. N., Jr.
Ward, Louis B.
Wheeler, Burton Kendall
Wilkie, Wendell L.
Wilson, Charles Erwin
Wolf, Robert Alban
Wolsey, Louis
Wood, Robert E.
Woodlock, Thomas Francis
Young, Robert Ruben
Zaslavsky, David

America First Committee
American Council on Education
Anti-War Propaganda
Arms Control and Disarmament
Atlantic Charter
Belgium, Brussels
Berlin, Germany
Black Hills World Capitol
Bloom-Mundt Bout
Bulgaria, Sofia
Caux-Sur-Montreux, Switzerland
Caux World Assembly
"Confessions of Stalin's Agent" - Goff, Kenneth
Cultural Cooperation Program
Cultural Exchange Program
Danish Refugee Administration
Denmark, Copenhagen
Dominican Republic
Dumbarton Oaks
Education, Office of
Educational Policies Commission
Edwards Perpetual Calendar
England, London
European Overseas Study Trip
European Theater Operations
Export Advertising Association
Export-Import Bank
Federation of American Scientists
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs Study Trip
Foreign Aid
Foreign Aid, Select Committee on
Foreign Exchange Students
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy Administration
Foreign Service
France, Paris
Free World
Germany, Berlin
Great Britain
Greece, Athens
Hague Conference
Hammond's World Atlas
Institute of Pacific Relations
Institute of Propaganda
International Education for Peace
International Exchange Program
International Information and Cultural Affairs Office
Joint Congressional Peace Commission
Keep America Out of War Congress
Korean-American Council
Langley Calendar
Legislative Reference Service
Lend-Lease Bill
Madrid, Spain
Malta & Yalta Conference
Marshall Plan
Moral Re-armament
Navy, Department of
Near Eastern Affairs
Netherlands, Hauge
Netherlands Information Bureau
Netherlands, Rotterdam
Neutrality Act
No Foreign War Committee
Norway, Oslo
Nova Scotia
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Palestine Question (The)
Pan American Union
Persian Gulf Command
Poland, Warsaw
Portugal, Lisbon
Post War Planning Commission
Prisoners of War
Radio Luxembourg
Reformist Party
Republican National Committee
Rumania, Bucharest
Russian Occupation Zone-Korea
Russian-American National Committee
Saudi Arabia
Smith-Mundt Act
Smith-Mundt Committee
Soviet House of Culture
Soviet Union
State, Department of
Student Exchange Program
Subversive Activities
Sweden, Stockholm
Trade Agreement Act
Un-American Activities
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
United Kingdom
United Nations
United Nations Educational Scientific, and Cultural General Conference
United Nations Educational Scientific, and Cultural Organization
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
United States Information Agency (Service)
United States Information Service-Bucharest Operation
United States National Commission for UNESCO
United States Office of Military Government for Germany
United States Office of Political Adviser on German Affairs
United States Office of War Information
Utah-Omaha Beach
Voice of America
Warsaw's Reconstruction Office
Win-the-Peace Committee
Women Investors Research Institute, Inc.
World Assembly for Moral Re-armament
World Calendar
World Capitol in Black Hills
Yalta Papers
Your Washington and You
Yugoslavia, Belgrade    

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