Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt


RG I Departmental Files - Defense 1953-1972
25 Hollinger document boxes (#59-83)

This file reflects Senator Mundt's attentiveness to constituent concerns about the army, navy, and air force regarding personnel and procurement procedures, the Defense budget, and security of the United States. Karl Mundt evolved from an isolationist before World War II to a legislator with broadened global perspective. His involvement with UNESCO and the Smith-Mundt Act in 1948 removed any trace of isolationism. Engineering matters relating to the Missouri River Dams and Reservoirs along with Civil Works and the Bureau of Outdoors Recreation are here. The Vietnam War and amnesty materials are here.

Ellsworth Air Force Base at Rapid City, South Dakota was named in honor of Brigadier General Richard E. Ellsworth in 1953-1954. The name was changed from Rapid City Air Force Base.

A proposal to locate the United States Air Force Academy at Sisseton, South Dakota is here.

The Anti-Ballistic Missile sites were built in South Dakota during this time.

Agnew, Spiro T.
Ailes, Stephen
Allott, Gordon Llewellyn
BeLieu, Kenneth Eugene
Berry, Ellis Yarnal "E.Y."
Blount, Winton Malcolm
Bottum, Joseph Henry
Brown, Harold
Brucker, Wilbur M.
Calley, William
Case, Francis Higbee
Chafee, John Hubbard
Clifford, Clark M.
Douglas, James Henderson
Farrar, Frank Leroy
Foss, Joseph J.
Franke, William B.
Froehlke, Robert Frederick
Gubbrud, Archie
Harlow, Bryce Nathaniel
Kennedy, Robert F.
Korth, Fred
Laird, Melvin Robert
MacGregor, Clark
McClellan, John Little
McGovern, George Stanley
McNamara, Robert Strange
Nitze, Paul Henry
O'Brien, Lawrence Francis
Reifel, Benjamin "Ben"
Resor, Stanley Rogers
Seamans, Robert C., Jr.
Smith, Margaret Chase
Stahr, Elvis Jacob, Jr.
Stevens, Robert T.
Udall, Stewart Lee
Wilson, Charles Erwin
Zuckert, Eugene M.

Air Force, Department of
Anti-Ballistic Missile
Army Band, 147th
Army, Department of
Badlands Bombing Range
Badlands, South Dakota
Ballistic Missiles
Battleship U.S.S. South Dakota
Big Bend Reservoir
Black Hills Ordnance Depot
Budget, Bureau of
Central Intelligence Agency
Civil Defense
Civil Service
Civil Works
Community Shelter Planning Program
Corps of Engineers
Defense Research and Engineering
Ellsworth Air Force Base
Emergency Planning, Office of
Emergency Preparedness, Office of
Enlisted Services and Records, Division of
Environmental Science Services Administration
Farm Island
Farm Island State Park
Federal Civil Defense Act of '50
Floods and Flood Control
Fort Randall Reservoir
Fort Sisseton
Gavins Point Reservoir
Hubbell Report
Indian Affairs, Bureau of
Korean War (Conflict)
Lake Sharpe Reservoir
Marine Corps
Marine Corps Reserve
Missile and Satellite Programs
Missouri River
Missouri River Basin
National Guard
Navy, Department of
Naval Department-Bureau of Naval Personnel
Naval Honors
Naval Reserve
Oahe Reservoir
Operation Foresight
Outdoor Recreation, Bureau of
Pilot Aerial Survival System
Public Roads
Raven Industries
Real Estate
Reclamation, Bureau of
Red River Basin
Reserve Officers Association
River Basin Commission
Rivers and Harbors
Sandhill Cranes
Small Business Administration
Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Bureau of
Themis Project
United States Army Air Arm
United States Weather Bureau
USS South Dakota
Veterans Administration
Water Resources Development

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