Preserving "A Fair Chance For a Free People" - Karl E. Mundt

Agriculture and Forestry

RG III Legislation - Agriculture and Forestry 1949-1972
30 Hollinger documents boxes (#327-357)

Senator Karl Mundt authored "The Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954", Public Law 480 or, better-known now as, the "Food for Peace" program. Mundt's legislative efforts produced the Soil Bank Program and the Endangered Species Act. Mundt's background with Lewis A. Pick, a colonel in the Army Corps of Engineers and in charge of the Missouri River Division and with W. Glenn Sloan, an investigations engineer of the Bureau of Reclamation and a pioneer in large-scale irrigation found its expression in the Flood Control Act of 1944. This Pick-Sloan plan was a compromise and embraced the entire Missouri River from its headwaters in Montana to its junction with the Mississippi near St. Louis. Four of the six dams were to be built in South Dakota but 530,000 acres of fertile farm land were flooded in South Dakota.

This series relates to farm legislation, agricultural programs, colleague correspondence, constituent correspondence, box car shortage, correspondence with White House staff, newspaper articles, telegrams, statements, memorandum, handbooks, hearings, statistics reports, fact sheets, editorials, copies of legislation, committee agenda, fact sheets, photographs, handwritten notes, policy statements, petitions, post cards, cartoons, pressure mail, farm associations, correspondence with Cabinet members, and interviews.

Abourezk, James G.
Aiken, George David
Allott, Gordon Llewellyn
Anderson, Clinton Presba
Baerman, Ralph
Baker, John Austin
Baldwin, Veril
Barrett, Frank Aloysius
Bartlett, Donald Elton
Bennett, Wallace Foster
Benson, Ezra Taft
Boggs, James Caleb
Bowring, Eva Kelly
Brandt, Karl
Brannan, Charles F.
Bridges, Styles
Bruett, Charles
Brynes, Asher
Burdick, Quentin Northrop
Butz, Earl Lauer
Capehart, Homer Earl
Carroll, John Albert
Case, Clifford Philip
Case, Francis Higbee
Chandler, Otis W.
Clem, Alan L.
Clements, Earle C.
Cooper, John Sherman
Curtis, Carl Thomas
Curtis, Thomas Bradford
Dechant, Tony T.
Denholm, Frank Edward
Dirksen, Everett McKinley
Dole, Robert Joseph
Dworshak, Henry Clarence
Eastland, James Oliver
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Ellender, Allen Joseph
Farrar, Frank Leroy
Ferguson, Clarence Meadd
Foss, Joseph J.
Freeman, Orville Lothrop
Goldwater, Barry Morris
Griffin, Francis M.
Harlow, Bryce Nathaniel
Hatfield, Mark Odom
Hayden, Carl Trumble
Hickenlooper, Bourke Blakemore
Holland, Spessard Lindsey
Hope, Clifford Ragsdale
Hruska, Roman Lee
Hughes, Herbert J.
Humphrey, Hubert H.
Inouye, Daniel Ken
Jacob, Bruno E.
Jensen, Ben Franklin
Johnson, Lyndon Baines
Johnson, Warren E.
Johnston, Olin D.
Keating, Kenneth Barnard
Kefeeler, John D.
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald
Loriks, Emil
Lovre, Harold Orrin
Mansfield, Michael Joseph
McCaughey, Robert L.
McClellan, John Little
McGovern, George Stanley
Metcalf, Lee
Mickelson, George T.
Mondale, Walter Frederick
Morse, True Delbert
Morton, Thruston Ballard
Mouser, Cotys Milner
Murphy, George Lloyd
Muskie, Edmund Sixtus
Nedasdy, Carl
Neuberger, Maurine B.
Newsom, Herschel D.
Nixon, Richard Milhous
Olson, Claude E.
O'Mahoney, Joseph Christopher
O'Neill, Alfred
Patton, James George
Percy, Charles Harting
Poage, William Robert
Poland, Carroll P.
Potter, Charles Edward
Proxmire, William
Reifel, Benjamin "Ben"
Rhodes, John Jacob
Ribicoff, Abraham A.
Robertson, A. Willis
Robertson, Charles R.
Rose, John Kerr
Rosecrans, W. S.
Sanders, Jack Thomas
Smith, Margaret Chase
Stennis, John Cornelius
Stevens, Robert T.
Strackbein, Oscar Robert
Symington, Stuart
Taber, John
Talcott, Burt Lacklen
Talmadge, Herman Eugene
Thomas, Elmer Marshall
Thurmond, Strom
Whitten, Jamie Lloyd
Williams, John J.
Woolley, Frank K.
Young, Milton Ruben
Young, Stephen M.

Agriculture & Forestry Committee
American Farm Bureau Federation
American National Cattlemen's Association
Army, Department of
Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act
Box Car Shortage
Brannan Plan
Clark-McNary Act
Commodity Credit Corporation
Country Life Commission
Crazy Horse Memorial
Farm Bureau Federation
Farm Home Administration
Farmers Union
Federal Food Stamp Program
Forest Service
Forest Service Advisory Council
Harris-Fulbright Bill
Humane Slaughter
Meat Inspection
Missouri River Development
Missouri Valley Authority
National Beef Council
National Cattleman's Association
National Committee for Control of Imports
National Farmers Union
National Grain Trade Council
National Grange
National Lumber Manufacturers Association
National Milk Producers Federation
National Wool Growers Association
Price Stabilization, Office of
Price Supports
Rural Electrification Administration
South Dakota Coordinating Committee for Missouri Basin Development
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
South Dakota Stock Grower's Association
South Dakota Wheat Commission
State, Department of
State Farm Bureau
Statistical Reporting Service
Stock Grower's Association
Stockyards Act
Treasury, Department of
Wheat Referendum
Wool (Act)
Wool Grower's Association

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